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Hey there! I'm Angela Shelton

Hey there, ever heard of a wild child rebel truth-teller? Well, that's me, Angela Shelton, and I'm here to turn your world upside down (in the best way possible). But here's the kicker: I'm not just here for anyone; I'm here specifically for MEN and Couples who might not even know they need some serious healing in their lives.

Are you feeling a little lost, like something's missing? It's okay; you're not alone. Many of us wander through life, carrying burdens and pain we don't even realize are holding us back. That's where I come in.

My mission is to help you heal your bedrooms, your relationships, and most importantly, your relationship with yourself. You see, I firmly believe that once you've healed, you can truly start living your purpose instead of being held back by your pain.

Now, you might be wondering why you should listen to a wild child like me. Well, let's just say I've been around the block a few times. I've seen it all, experienced my fair share of pain, and come out the other side stronger, wiser, and HOT AF. (I'll share my secrets and one key part is having sacred sex.)

But here's the thing: I'm not here to preach or lecture. I'm here to show you a different way, a way that involves laughter, healing, and transformation. So, if you're ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, if you're ready to heal your relationships and start living life to the fullest, then stick around.

If you're here to just try to my panties off, well you can tell me all about it over on my OF/mommyteaches site! Good luck!

For you here, I'll be sharing stories, insights, and ah-ha moments that might just change your life. And who knows, you might discover a whole new side of yourself you never even knew existed.

Stay tuned, my friend. The adventure is about to begin!"

Say Goodbye to Unsatisfying Relationships and Hello to Profound Pleasure and True Connection!

Whether it's exploring new healing techniques, confronting uncomfortable topics head-on, or just sharing some laughs, you're in for an enlightening and entertaining experience with Angela Shelton.

Plus, it's not just live shows and personal treatment you'll get access to; there's an entire library waiting for you!

🚨 URGENT CALL TO ACTION: Combat Violence with Connection! 🚨

Who's This Hilarious, Sassy Goddess, and What's Her Game?

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Angela Shelton.

She's on a mission: help you find your authentic self, shedding shame and fear along the way.

THE CRISIS: Our world is confronting a not-so-silent-anymore pandemic - the violence against women, children, and indeed men. Generational trauma and deception have programmed us into being insecure consumers. We have been conditioned to feed our insecurities and shame rather than bask in our divine potential.

Women are being intentionally poisoned and men are being emasculated, thereby separating the powerful union.

From suicidal tendencies and addictions to carrying the heavy weight of childhood traumas, betrayal, and "toxicity", we have been lied to by a power structure that does not want us to be powerful individually, and especially not as mates.

It's time to flip the scripts and the bedrooms from violent and silent to HOLY.

Angela's vibe? She's a model preacher with good girl Goddess Queen energy. Think of magic-infused, transformative mojo with a sultry naughty funny edge. Yep, she's got a tantalizing aura that sparks life-changing "ah-ha!" moments.

So that One man doesn't get all this energy; she's sharing her gifts with all you gents and the lucky ladies they are coupled with (or want to be!) While she values her personal space, when it comes to sexual reawakenings and trauma recovery, her life is an open, inspiring book - that you get a copy of!


If you're ready to begin a transformative journey towards discovering your sacred sexual self, overcoming past traumas, and crafting a HOLY bedroom,

you're in the right place.

Angela Shelton, a powerful FUNNY, FOXY, Fierce Goddess, is also a (w)holistic sexual healing coach, who provides a range of personalized services tailored specifically to the needs of straight men and couples.

*reasons and specifics below

Connect with Angela Over Phone, Video, or In-Person

Crafting Your Holy Bedroom Experience

Hands On In Person Next Level Practice Play

Ready to transform your love life with yourself and others?

Testimonials from the Ladies

"I have always hated my body and thought sex was so not useful and wow just wow I have a map for my Yoni now?? I mean... I had NO IDEA about all this stuff. I thought I was just getting violated over and over again and you put the power into my P parts! I can't believe I'm going to say this but I can't wait to have sex again!"

Girlfriend Goddess


“You changed our relationship forever. We went from impotent, porn addicted, and pissed off to spiritually spectacular. I can't thank you enough, Goddess Queen on a supreme level. Thank you, Jesus and so it is, Amen!!”

Wife, Mother, and Lover


"I don't know what you did to my husband but our bedroom time went from boring sideways sex like you say (LOL) to OMGGGGG... I feel like I'm levitating. Thank you for teaching him whatever you taught him. I'm a fan girl. I never thought I'd find him sexy again, or suggest he go talk to you (another woman)! I kinda hated him you know? And now I can't wait to get into bed with him. You're a master. Or rather a Queen!"

Wife, Mother, Lover


*WARNING: Angela is taking you to church. Albeit it's a HOLY WOW Goddess church that may make you sing gospels, dance wild naked chicken dances, put prayer in your bedsheets, and Holy Waters in your hands... and so it is, Amen!

With her films, books, and advocacy work Angela has been featured on:

Talking About Angela's Filmmaking and Writing

Her Being Fully Self-Expressed


to do the same!

Jake Eberts

"Searching for Angela Shelton is too important, too meaningful, too touching, TOO TERRIFIC to be seen casually. From the first frame to the last I was in turn riveted, weepy, drained, shattered, hopeful…and plenty of other emotions in between. Angela is one remarkable, talented lady. It took enormous courage, persistence, and honesty to pull this off. Most importantly, she managed to keep her sense of humour, and at the same time show a willingness to forgive. What an unbeatable combo!

This film should be shown in every home, in every country, in the world.

Producer of Dances with Wolves, Chariots of Fire, Driving Miss Daisy etc etc

Mark Ordesky

"To know Angela Shelton is to love her. To work on a film with her—as I have twice—is to witness a force of nature and a force for good. While at New Line Cinema, as I was embarking on The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, I saw Angela’s first film as a screenwriter, Tumbleweeds, and knew it would take us to the Oscars. It did. I supported Angela in her debut as a documentarian and watched that film bring a healing platform to abused women and rally the likes of Oprah Winfrey to its cause... With her characteristic optimism, grit, and devotion, I am confident that she will move audiences and change lives again.”

Producer of Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Charlotte Kasl

"With relentless honesty, humor and vitality, Angela Shelton combines the voices of other Angela Sheltons to expose the depths of sexual and physical abuse toward women that pervades the American family. Angela Shelton opens the door for countless others to stop denying their pain, tell their stories, and join together in the revolutionary act of getting well and loving themselves. What started as a road trip to interview a cross-section of women—all named Angela Shelton—turned into a tsunami of people confronting the horror of abuse. One wonders if we should stop worrying so much about terrorists crossing our borders, and focus on the terrorism that exists on a daily basis in millions of American homes. Read her book and understand why."

Author of If the Buddha Dated, and Women, Sex, and Addiction

Talking About Angela

Jeff Vahldick

"Angela Shelton and her course were there when I needed them most. It was a lifesaver for me. She walked me through the shame and blame. Since that time professionally I've had great success, personally I'm much happier and I'm told I'm a better husband. Spiritually I reconnected with my heart."

Engineer and Board Member of DomesticShelters.org

John Fugelsang

"You cannot define Angela Shelton because Angela Shelton redefines Angela Shelton with every new performance."

Comedian and Host

Kensie Coppin

"Being a survivor of abuse, you often feel like you have no power and that it has been stolen from you. If you take all of that pain and suffering and pour it into your creativity or passion - you will not only feel empowered but you will also find your purpose. Our purpose and our identity is not our pain .. our pain is a tool to grow into who we were designed to be. Angela has inspired me to step out of my "victim" box and speak out more. She has also shown me that abuse has no bounds, but it also has no power."

Country Artist

What MEN say about Angela

— Risk Managment, TX, 30s

“You have taught me how to care for someone again. I didn’t think that was possible. I can’t believe how strong you are. I want to be a better man because of you…”

— Bartender, CA, 40s

“Thanks for being the catalyst for me writing again. You are an inspiration and bonus, you’re ridiculously hot. I wondered about following you, and did for other reasons 🤤🥵 and now I’m writing again. I’d love to get on my knees to thank you anytime you’d like. 😘”

— Eric Smith, comedian

"Angela Shelton has opened my eyes to the man I want to be, but more importantly to the man I didn’t know I already was. The exciting part is, I don’t know where it is leading, but I know I am on the right track. I fell in very deep love with a woman, in a way I had not been capable of before. Because I fell in love with myself at the same time. THAT is what Angela Shelton is all about. I LOVE Angela Shelton."


“You’ve treated me better and with more respect and affection than any of my exes......you see me for who I really am and don’t judge me based on my weight or the fact that I’m not making a shit ton of money or bashing my career......for the first time in my life I feel seen with you.”


"I absolutely love this conAngela has such an amazing view on sexuality that’s really made me think about what I like and what I want. I love hearing her thoughts on things because I feel like I’m learning something new every time.”


“Angela gave me the confidence I needed to get the girl I was scared to even talk to. Now she’s my GF. Thank you!!”


My favorite thing about you is that you have been kind-hearted and know how to have fun, but at the same time you make it really sexy and informative.”


“You changed our relationship. I was impotent and addicted to porn and didn't trust my wife at all. And wow, you just twisted my mind up and rewrote the story and now I'm hard into knowing this woman I love even more. I can't thank you enough, Angela. If I wasn't even more in love with my wife now I'd ask you to marry me! LOL!”


“If more people listened to Angela, the world would be a better place. Her views and attitudes have helped me grow and change in ways that I didn't think were possible.”

Angela Shelton is LEGIT!

(W)holistic trauma and sexual healing coach

Specializing in healing relationships with your bedroom after neglect, sexual abuse, abandonment, and betrayal.

Angela Shelton Day

The mayor of Asheville, North Carolina in the USA made April 29th Angela Shelton Day in honor of all survivors of abuse.

April 29th is at the end of Sexual Abuse Awareness Month.

Certificate of Appreciation from the United States Dept of Justice

For her work with crime victims.


Mommy Teaches

📚 Essential Reading Lists

When you join, you'll receive digital copies of my transformative books including: "The Holy Bedroom Survival Manual," "Scared Dick Medicine for Him," and "Spiritual Unity for Her."

These guides offer you insights, techniques, and spiritual practices that open the door to more profound relationships and personal well-being.

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Your Rebel BFF for you and your mates!

And (w)holistic sexual healing coach

Let's get personal! You'll have the opportunity to join a private video with me once a month and have your own private video or phone calls. We'll tackle your burning questions, your biggest fears, and create a roadmap to help you live your best life in and out of bed.

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Say wha.... That's right! You'll also have exclusive opportunities to book in-person sessions and attend live performances. If you're looking to take your healing journey to the next level, this is it.

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Performer and (w)holistic sexual healing coach

As a host for an event, you'll become a part of an incredible community where like-minded individuals share, support, and grow together. Imagine the power of collective wisdom, inspiration, and accountability. Yeah, it's as amazing as it sounds.

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Are you ready to embark on a journey of profound transformation, healing, and empowerment that may leave your jaw open, pants wet, and mouth agape from shock, love, and laughter? Welcome to an Angela Shelton Experience.


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3000 USD


Join Angela for an immersive experience, based on the principles from the Mary Magdalene Gospel. This intensive focuses on profound healing, personal growth, and a deep dive into creating your holy bedrooms.

  • Everything that comes with the Show Ticket and Forever Ticket PLUS:
  • In-person meetings for more than one day
  • Hero position to host an event in your area
  • Holy Bedroom practice with yourself and your partner(s)

Limited Access

and Payment Plans Available


Book a Call to Go Deep in Person

Angela's approach is deeply rooted in her commitment to effective, personalized, and impactful healing experiences. Whether it's through phone calls, video sessions, or in-person meetings, she's here to support, guide, and mentor you on this transformative journey toward a more fulfilling intimate life. Don't wait, begin your path to crafting your holy bedroom experience today


Get links and downloads to get to know Angela and her work and how every piece leads to your Holy Bedroom.

Finding Angela Shelton

Get a FREE download of Angela's spiritual journey to ending self abuse.

Searching for Angela Shelton: the Documentary

Watch the documentary that put Angela on the road to healing and awareness.

Watch Her Boxing Film

Watch the powerful true story without ads about an unbreakable love that Angela wrote, directed, and produced so that you prepare yourself for true dedication and loyalty.

Dumb Model

Get a FREE download of Angela's erotica about what your furniture witnesses!

The Holy Bedroom

Watch the documentary that put Angela on the road to healing and awareness.

Will Date 4 Food

Get a FREE download of Angela's comedy book that is really a lesson for women to practice listening to men.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How often are the private videos with Angela?

A: Private videos are monthly, focusing on a range of topics designed to help you evolve in health, relationships, and personal growth in a foxy and fun manner with stories, examples, exercises and entertainment.

Q: Can I cancel my subscription?

A: Absolutely, you can cancel at any time. There's no long-term commitment, although Angela prefers long-time loyalty! Men on her OF who are subscribed get the link to private talk shows. You can also cancel there anytime too and come back when you need more help.

Q: What if I'm not satisfied?

A: Angela has a lecture about that and does offer a hassle-free cancellation policy. If you're not satisfied, you can cancel and go it alone. Meditate on why that is...

Q: How do I access her books?

A: Once you subscribe, she sends you emails to download the digital books and links to watch her videos.

Q: Do I really need a membership to solve my intimacy issues?

A: While self-help books and articles are great, Angela's monthly shows, private calls, and in-person sessions offer ongoing, personalized support that’s crucial for opening up and clearing old nonsense pathways for sustained profound progress. We're talking about long-term solutions here!

Q: Is this just another generic relationship program?

A: Absolutely not! This membership includes Angela's years of specialized expertise in spiritual and sexual healing. The Holy Bedroom Survival Manual, Scared Dick Medicine for Him, and Spiritual Unity for Her are just the tip of the iceberg. This is personalized and profound, way beyond generic.

Q: What if I'm not tech-savvy?

A: Don’t worry! Our platform is user-friendly, and we're here to assist you every step of the way if you have any difficulties. Plus, the value you’ll get out of the content will far outweigh any initial tech hurdles. Angela has a disdain for tech issues too and works to make everything as simple and user-friendly as possible!

Q: What about privacy? I don't want everyone to know I’m struggling with this.

A: Your privacy is our top priority. All sessions, calls, and community interactions are confidential.

Q: Isn’t this a little too 'woo-woo' for me?

A: Angela's approach combines practical techniques with spiritual understanding, ensuring a well-rounded experience. Plus, Angela has a community of like-minded individuals, offering different perspectives that might resonate with you.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of profound transformation, healing, and empowerment that may leave your jaw open, pants wet, and mouth agape from shock, love, and laughter? Welcome to an Angela Shelton Experience.